Itinerary 1: Around Chios-Cesme-Alacati

1. Day: Alacati - Chios 15 nm

After leaving the Alacati marina head for the white buoy and turn then to the exit of the Alacati Bay. Pay attention to the sandbar in front of the hotel and the numerous surfers. With northerly winds you may need some tacks till Chios-harbour. You can pass safely the two small islands (the west with Lighthouse Fl. (5s) 42m 10M) on your way on all sides. Closer in the breakwaters of Chios-harbour  with the highly visible beacons will be seen. In contrast, in southerly winds you can enjoy a down-wind sail directly to Chios.

If you want to stay only briefly for making clearence, you can moor alongside in the southern part of the harbour. The north is reserved for ferries and cruise-ships. The Port Authority (white building) is located in the northern part on the left of the ferry terminal. In the ferry terminal you will find Passport Police and Customs.
If you want a longer stay, you berth your boat in the southeast part of the port where a new pontoon for sailing yachts is suitable. Sometimes in summer it is difficult to find a berthing place.

2. Day: Chios - Ounousai 9 SM

To Ounousai there are indeed only 9 nm to sail, but this would invite you to spend a bit time in the Ildir-Körfezi with many possibilities. Take care when rounding Cape Üc Burunlar because of underwater cliffs. Passage is possible, but being unfamiliar with this area you should go north of the cardinal N-Beacon. Two miles further south there are some nice anchorages:

1. Dalyanköy: available small marina; mooring-ropes; very good seafood restaurants and    good shopping.
2. Immediately south of Dalyanköy 2 anchorbays are suitable for swimming. Anchor in 3-4 m on pure sand bottom.
3. Four miles north of Dalyanköy lies the donkey island, Karaada. There are 3 bays in which you can anchor well protected with northerly winds. The island is inhabited by wild pigs and donkeys, which are usually seen in the middle bay.

To avoid a night in Chios port continue to the island of Ounousai with its beautiful and absolutely safe harbour Mandraki (from Dalyanköy 10; from Karaada 7 nm). The port was expanded recently to a small marina. Go bows or stern to the quai. Nice tavernas are located around the harbour.

Keep care to your chart-plotter. In some bays round Ounoussai it may show you wrong positions!

Day 3: Ounousai - Limnia 30 nautical miles

From Ounousai you sail through the 1.5 nm wide Diavlos Spalmatori channel on the north coast of Chios about 15 nautical miles to NW and W. Here you have to sail close to the wind but then it changes to a S and SW course to Limnia harbour below the town of Volissos. The port is completely safe and impressively located below a Genoese castle.  The taverns at the port are good and cheap.

4. Day: Limnia - bays in the south

After Limnia one has several options. 16 nm to the south, there are several bays, of which I find Trachilia Salaganas the best. Drop the anchor in 6-7 m on sand in crystal clear water free swinging.
Those who prefer to make a longer cruise, sail 10 nm further Emporio, which is situated  3 nautical miles north of the southern headland of Chios. The concrete pier has only water depth of 1.40 m to 1.90 m.  Anchor in 4-5 m on sand. Good protection from northerly winds. Recommended Tavern at Mary. "

5./6. Day: Direction Cesme / Alacati

Depending on the time left before returning to Alacati a side trip to Cesme is recommended. From Emporio only 15 nm, which you can sail without difficulties even in strong winds. Cesme is located approximately 4 nautical miles south of Üc Burunlar and 14 nm away from Alacati. The port is completely safe; currently the marina is being expanded; work should be limited for the 2010 season. Restaurants and cafes line the waterfront. A shopping street leading up to Cesme-Merkez; mini-buses to Ilica and Alacati available.

Last day

If you have not enough time left for a trip to Cesme sail directly from Emporio to Alacati. Whether Cesme (14 nm) or Emporio (15 nm), in both cases, the last day is an easy absolute comfortable sail to the starting point, Alacati Marina, where you will be expected at 17.00 o’clock by our staff at the Bavaria-pontoon.

This itinerary gives only an idea and leaves enough possibilities for individual enterprises.

Force and direction of the wind can lengthen or shorten the journey a bit. Check out the cruising guides and charts which you will find on each of our boats for detailed informations and keep you updated with the weather reports. Don’t hesitate to aks our staff in the charter office for more details.

Happy sailing!