5. Itinerary: Turgutreis - Gökova Gulf - Turgutreis

Çeşme, bedeutet „Brunnen“ und kommt von den vielen Quellen, die in diesem Gebiet gefunden wurden.
When you leave Turgutreis and pass Cape Hüseyin Burnu Fl (2) 15s 14M keep care of the shallows off the Cape (pass the black-red buoy on starboard). This sailing area offers so many bays and mooring-opportunities in scenic impressive surroundings that we do not know whichone to recommend especially in detail. This indeed  depends much on individual taste.

Since the wind usually blows into the Gulf, I would pass Bodrum (visiting it on the way back) and head for the island of Orak staying here in one of the described anchorages. On the 2nd day pass the 100m high chimney of the power plant of Ören and sail further on to Akbük at the end of the Gulf, one of my favorite places. Akbük is visited only by a few yachts, but lies in very beautiful surroundings and crystal-clear water.

After Akbük you can cross the Gökova-Gulf heading for Karaca-Sögüt or English Harbor with the Cleopatra beach. After spending one night in one of these two bays sail on the 4th day back to the north side of the Gulf up to Çökertme, a bay with a few restaurant-jetties, but also anchorages. This would be an close-hauled course, but a direct way should be possible.

After Çökertme you sould head for Bodrum. You can simplify your life by tacking up to Karaada and motoring through the channel between the island and the mainland to Bodrum Milta Marina 37°01.9'N, 27°25.5' E.  On the other side it should pose no difficulties to tack to Bodrum the whole way.

Bodrum, the former Halicarnassos, the kingdom of the king Mausolos, is the historical highlight of the voyage.
The Crusader Castle of St. Peter houses the underwater archaeological museum with the oldest shipwrecks in the world. The Crusaders were chased away in the 16. century by the Turkish sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, who also had conquered Rhodes.

Today, Bodrum is a booming tourist destination for both foreigners and the
wealthy Turks from Istanbul and Izmir. Restaurants and bars lining the waterfront.
Businesses of all price ranges, but mostly in the upscale segment.
From the bus station buses run in all directions of Turkey; minibuses to Turgutreis every 30min
The Milta - Bodrum Marina (VHF Ch has 73) offers you all the amenities of a modern marina like provisioning options, Swimming Pool, Supermarket, Laundry, shopping mall, internet, gas station, several restaurants and bars, etc..
During the week, when the charter boats have left the marina, there should be no problem getting a berth. Call Milta Marina on Ch 73 and let the pilot - boat help you to moor.

If you prefer to avoid this turmoil, you can also escape to the west of Bodrum to Bitez or Gümbet and spend the night at anchor. On the shore, there are certainly restaurants and mini-buses or taxis to Bodrum.

Then the next day will lead you back to Turgutreis, where you will be expected at about 17.00 o’clock from our base manager.

Bays in the Gökova - Gulf

Bitez   37° 01.6'N  27° 22.7' E
Anchor in the E-part of the bay outside the swimming area in 5 - 7 m on sand and
weed; good holding; many windsurfers, dinghies and motor boats; disco in the night time.

Aquarium     36° 59,8'N  27° 22.7' E
Between Ada Burun and SE-corner of the islet Görecik. Anchor in 8 - 9m with a long
rope to Ada Burun. Crystal clear water and numerous fishes, like an aquarium.

Gümbet     37° 01.7’N  27° 23,9 'E
Located just east of Bitez, anchorage in the crestapex of the bay in 5 - 10m on sand and
mud; good shelter; restaurants at the beach; taxis and dolmus to Bodrum;

Orak Adasi    36° 58.7'N  27° 34.4'E

Western Anchorage (pabuç) in 5 - 10m off the beach with a long line ashore;
NW- anchorage in the nick of the northwest passage (Kargıcık Bükü) in 5-6m;
In the east of the island of Orak in the cut to the west bay; beware of the reef.

Çökertme  36° 59.9'N  27° 47.5'E
Go to one of the restaurant-jetties with laid moorings. The restaurant operators expect, however, that one comes for dinner or at least for some drinks, because mooring as well as water and electricity is free of charge.
You can also anchor in the W - part of the bay with a long line ashore;

Akbük Limani   37° 01.8'N   28° 07.0'E
Approx. 6 nautical miles east of Ören (high chimney) Akbük is located below a small peninsula between high mountains. Anchor in the western part of the bay with a line ashore or go to one of the jetties with moorings. Small restaurants on the shore in stunning surroundings.

Karaca Sögüt    36° 56.9'N   28° 11,4'E
Karaca is a large bay south of the island, which can easyly be seen. You should motor through because of the spectacular views of the island and the mainland. The bay is a beautiful scenic idyllic place with almost good allround-shelter. Provisioning available; some restaurants; Dolmus to Marmaris.


a) Sögüt place (middle jetty)
Anchor in 10 - 20m and go sternto the jetty

b) Marti Marina Pontoon (East Bridge) VHF highway 73
stern to the jetty with moorings

c) Gökova Yacht - Club (NW)
stern to the jetty with moorings

Degirmen Bükü (English Harbor) 36° 56.2'N  28° 09.4'E
sheltered anchorage, surrounded by trees.


a) on the east side of Degirmen Bükü in the NE;
well-protected anchorages and berths at the restaurant-jetties where moorings
are laid out.
Anchoring in the north of the jetties in 12m;

At the piers good supply options as well as water and electricity (restaurant visit is expected)

b) Canak Limani or English Harbor
in the W-part of the North Bay in 8m on sand and mud. Well protected and very quiet.

There are many other wonderful scenic anchorages in the Gökova - Gulf. Only a few miles further west into the “yedi adalari, the seven islands” that are actually only four, or in the direction to Knidos. But to visit them all, one week is too short. I only wanted to  give you some ideas. You are completely free to arrange your sailing week. However, remember to sail in time to the west, as the Meltemi can blow into the gulf quite strong and I’m thinking you want to be back in Turgutreis in time.
A good option is to use the quiet morning hours to make good miles by engine before the Meltemi rises up and gives you a hard time of tacking.

Happy sailing


Turgutreis - Orak:                                18 nm
Orak - Akbuk:                                       25 nm
Akbuk - Karaca Sögüt:                           8 nm
Karaca Sögüt - Degirmen:                      5 nm
Karaca Sögüt - Çökertme:                    19 nm
Çökertme - Bodrum:                             19 nm
Bodrum - Turgutreis:                            13 nm